As many of you will know, our mainstream provision at the White City Adventure Playground has been closed since March.


This is due to a number of reasons; COVID - 19 , current government restrictions, which we are obliged to follow, and the lack of funding currently available to charities like PAHF.


PAHF is a local charity and understands how important our mainstream provision is to local children and local families, especially in these difficult times.


We are continuing to work with various partners to re-start a COVID safe and financially viable provision and hope we will have some good news in the future.



PAHF are in partnership with Randolph Beresford Early years centre and we are supporting them in the running of White City adventure playground, situated in the heart of White City. This multifunctional play-space is one of London’s oldest adventure playgrounds, offering a brilliant link of connected wooden structures, a water slide, a range of sports activities, arts and crafts sessions, multiple treehouses, building opportunities; all provided by a team of dedicated professional play-workers.


This project offers open access (free admission) sessions from 10am through to 5pm for children aged of 8-14, with our staff team on site supervising the children at all times throughout the day.


We are open Monday-Friday over the summer holiday period, with the exception of a few dates in the final week.


This project is so unique because it offers unrivalled play opportunities for children hoping to challenge themselves through their play. Our enthusiastic team of play-workers dedicate their time to ensuring every single child who attends the open access sessions has their play needs met.