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Play Association Hammersmith & Fulham is an organisation which cannot work without the support of those who use our services and here are some quotes from parents of children and young people of Play Association's projects:

“Play Association means so much to me and my family, especially my special needs son. My son has been attending since 2015. They are the only people who actually treat the children and young adults as individuals with their own personal preferences, like my son with his pictures. Unfortunately, when they had to close because of a staffing issue due to COVID it was very difficult at home; his routine had changed, so did his behaviour, and then college closed which was a challenge. He and his dad have epilepsy and I was diagnosed with cancer in May 2020 and was undergoing chemotherapy, so for my son to attend playscheme has really helped us as a family tremendously. I know that the people are trained to deal with his epilepsy and his meltdowns, and we are so grateful for it, even more so through the pandemic. If it weren’t for Play Association H&F, I don’t think we would have coped.”


-Dawn, Parent of a Lillis child-

“Appreciate all the work you are putting in – thank you”.


-Michael, Parent of a Lillis child-

“I really appreciate all you’re doing to keep [playscheme] open for us”.

 -Lisa, Parent of a Lillis child-

"We have been using the Antony Lilis playscheme for a good number of years now. 

I can honestly say my child who is now 12 absolutely loves going to playscheme. 


I for one can rest that he is in a safe and enjoyable environment, where he can run free and enjoy the social interaction of his friends. 


Over the years he has changed and this hasn't phased the staff in any way, they are highly trained and know my child so well, they know what works for him and what doesn't.


We treat the playscheme like our extended family we trust them with our child and he is always happy when he has been there.


The playscheme really does allow us as a family time to breathe, time to spend with our other two children who do miss out on time with us. It allows some routine that has been lost when he is not at school.


Without the playscheme we would be totally lost."


- Danielle, 2019 Parent of a Lillis child-

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