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There are a range of organisations out there that can offer further support, advice, information or funding. Here are a few:


Please note: we are not in any way connected to or responsible for the content, subject matter or opinions on the websites listed below.  These links for to be followed at your own discretion and without any responsibility of play association.

Local Organisations:

London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham – LBHF council Website.

Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea – RBKC council Website.

City of Westminster - Westminster council Website


Specialist Local Schools:

Jack Tizard School –

Queensmill School –


Family services:

Independent Parental Special Education Advice (IPSEA)– provides a wide range of support to carers of children and young people with special education needs.

Contact A Family – Contact A Family supports families with disabled children.

Travel Guide:

A Definitive Guide to Travelling with Disabilities

London Play

Disability Guide:

Health Guide:

Here are some additional links about some of the more common issues/conditions we have come across when working with the children and young adults. Click on the headings for the links.

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