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PAHF’s aim to support young people for whom on-site respite is not appropriate, assisting in creating and seeking inclusive opportunities for them in their local community. Our staff engage with and assist the young people; the support is tailor made to suit their needs, wants and interests. They are consulted regularly about what they want and the staff aim to make it happen.


This type of service gives the family several hours of respite, as well as allowing the young person the opportunity explore, enjoy and participate in activities in his community safely and effectively, promoting social skills, positive self-image, high self-esteem and independence. They are supported and stimulated throughout the session and are encouraged to be involved in making decisions regarding their day. After each session, staff are required to record the work carried out with the young person, which includes monitoring and evaluating their progress, including any risks that have or may occur and ensuring the service we provide is of benefit to them.

In the last year, our staff have been working with our post 18 clients to cover the following areas;

  • Reinforcing the STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK road safety procedure

  • Appropriate behaviour on public transportation

  • Developing communication skills with shop assistants, including enquiring about or requesting to view a product

  • How to compare prices from store to store, budgeting skills and how to manage an allowance effectively

  • Retaining and organising receipts of purchased items

  • Explaining their choice of meal when placing an order

  • Keeping track of time

  • Being aware of their surroundings and empathetic towards others

Staff are responsible for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the young people and work in partnership with other professionals including social workers, teachers and activity team leaders, as well as the family to provide support for them. The work we do is beneficial to the young people and families, as some of them are unable to access other provisions, otherwise leaving them without any support.


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