What is Holiday Fun?


Holiday Fun is a mobile play initiative which provides exciting opportunities for children and young people.


This mobile scheme can parachute into the heart of the community transforming the space into a warm and welcoming play environment, where children and families can engage in purposeful activities.

"Thank you to the Play Association The children had a wonderful time.

Holiday fun was a huge success.

Please come back again!"


Lytton Tenants Association Chairperson

"We loved the Holiday Fun at William church,

The staff were friendly and great with the children.

They wish it was every day!"


Parent of children aged 5 and 10 yrs

How did the Holiday Fun initiative start?


Local residents and parents raised concerns around children playing in their local outside space this

Included, fears around traffic, stranger danger and young people being drawn into anti-social behaviour.


The Play Association promotes and delivers children’s play opportunities in response to local need.

Now more than ever it is crucially important to find ways to effectively reach disadvantaged families, and the Holiday Fun pop up play project provides this through its ease of access.

Why It Works

Many disadvantaged children and families are unable or unwilling to travel to access purposeful activities.

Barriers may include cost, transport or having younger children, this project ensures the Play Association can provide the right support, to the right families, at the right time.


The project enables children to develop positive relationships with friends and peers, which in turn leads to increased self-esteem and confidence.

Holiday Fun Summer Highlights 2017

This Summer we provided play opportunities for over 200 young people across West London